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Really enjoyed this, finished it in 15 minutes and wanted more!  Really hope to see more from you guys, you did great :D

Hey is it okay if i make a video of you game and post it on youtube? :)

Thank you for asking, go for it! And feel free to leave a link for us :)


I finish your game yet. Interesting but...
Sound with piano is so cool why you don't have a realy background music?
Gameplay is so confusing with sleeping in bed to have 3 differents moments. It's look like a strategy to extend time in game. Just two state is good. When you come first you can change nodes, sleep and in second time you can interact with object and activate some stuff, and finish the current part.
After look evolving of logo on ceiling, see bed and active auto sleep to load next part, that create an dynamics in your game.

Beside that the game is really cool and you create an ambiance with your background text, small white room, and a bed :)!

Don't forget to be a player and you want to play a game,



That was quite well done.

Hope you guys release paid stuff in the future, I'd have paid money for this.


Thank you for playing, and thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate it!